Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Singapore subway

Mobs of people, but well organized and super clean.
Signs in English, Chinese and Tamil.
While there were ads all over the stations, there were far fewer ads on overpasses and roads above ground than one sees in India.

Amazing signage.

In the trains too.

Crossing the border between Singapore and Malaysia in Johor

Unfortunately my camera died after these shots, but we crossed the border between Singapore and Malaysia via the causeway that was built long ago by Sub's grandfather (under Japanese occupation), and entered into a quite ordered border crossing, certainly putting the Mexican-US border to shame.
Perfectly symmetrical on both sides, i.e., in both directions, actually quite disorienting that way, as the differences between Singapore and Malaysia are huge, just across the bridge. We took a bus to the border crossing, had to go through immigration and customs both ways, and then had to change buses on the other side, although we were on Singapore bus system buses throughout.

There were many buses of little children who go to school in Singapore and return home to Malaysia at the end of the day, along with many workers. The school buses below transport the children.

You know you're in Asia when ....

These are both in the drawer of the bedstand in your hotel room. In the US, finding the Gideon Bible is the norm, maybe in California (where I haven't stayed in a hotel room in a long time) they give you Buddha too?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A walk in the High Grounds of Central Bangalore

I decided to take some photos on the walk between my bank and my office to highlight the state of sidewalks, called footpaths here. On another day I'll emphasize the traffic, but today we'll concentrate on the sidewalks, with a few buildings here and there.
The road outside the office, Ali Askar Road.
Turning the corner.
At least there are trees left here.
But one must be vigilant, given the sad state of the sidewalks, which actually are more properly defined as drainage covers.
A lovely convent. Yes, a convent of cloistered carmelites!

There are a few residential houses, although the point here is the hand pushed cart of the street cleaner.
The garbage along the way is quite unattractive.
The trees come in handy to hang wires and put up announcements, along with providing oxygen and shade.

The footpath here is actually quite wide.
All the handier for dumping garbage ...
or providing a gathering space ...
or an eating place.
A feed in drain, unfortunately clogged.
Some nice shade for bicycle parking.
The regional development authority. Makes you wonder how they will help direct growth in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region when there are piles of garbage in front of their office

Classic ad, posted on tree.
More ads, posted on an electrical box.
A stretch in good shape, on Millers Road.
One of the office buildings, nearby, with some familiar names.
The parking lot and entrance to that office, NOT so familiar a sign.

Cricket with a broken arm

It can be done. Sort of like having some armguards.
Taking it very seriously.Playing at a school event as well.