Friday, December 26, 2008

From Bangalore to Buffalo

I've been silent for a while as a result of a packed trip to Buffalo, Washington, and back to Buffalo for some holiday time with my family. Washington was great to see old friends and places, and feel a bit of hope with the incoming administration, despite the overall gloom everywhere. The Key Bridge was missing its usual holiday wreaths, and stores seemed empty, offering huge discounts well before Christmas. Then we came to Niagara Falls, flying into Buffalo in the middle of a snowstorm. Here are some shots:

Preparations for the inauguration:
This is the viewing stand for the parade in front of the White House.
Then to the snow in Niagara: Our street. That is Canada at the end of the street.
I forgot about getting stuck in the snow:
At least it was great, fluffy snow that was easy to shovel.
A big change from Bangalore. We return there in a week! Merry Christmas everyone.

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