Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeling far away

Work has been overwhelming -- and I realized I haven't written for a while. So many things to write about, I will start with a few comments on my new President, and then later do a post about my work, since I realize I haven't written much (or anything) about that at all.

First, an image sent to me by friend Julie Feinsilver, who took this on inauguration day.
The big ears to listen theme is great. Obama's election signifies hope for many groups around the world. I have seen several columns in Indian papers asking "where is the Indian Obama?" and some Dalit (the low folks on the social totem pole here) leaders speaking about the inspiration he provides.

On a completely different note, one advantage of being here is being able to watch the Australian Open tennis live and at a reasonable hour. What an amazing match yesterday between Nadal and Verdasco, it just kept going on and on with unbelieveable tennis. I'm still not sure how we'll be able to watch the super bowl, but I will make an effort as the Steelers look strong.

Our cable provider switched out BBC for CNN, so now we can watch Larry King and Anderson Cooper and get a sense of what is going on a bit more in the US. I have to say that I feel very far away when I watch these guys -- whether they are talking to Joe Torre about A-Rod, or Tom Daschle's tax problems -- and that I think that feeling this distance from time to time in life is healthy.

More later on work, but I'll post this now before I go out to buy some groceries.

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