Tuesday, August 18, 2009

India in Niagara Falls

The corner of Third and Main near the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. See the empty shops, with the Indian restaurant the only spark of economic life.

While Niagara Falls has long been an obligatory stop for Indian visitors to the US or Canada, I was struck by how much Indian influence, and how many Indians, I saw all around me during my visit. Many new Indian restaurants.
Indian women working at DiCamillo's Bakery, the men driving cabs.
With Indians, of course, come the temples. All of the Indians coming appear to be Sikhs. The house next door has been set up as a community center. On 19th Street, right off Pine Avenue.Indian products available at the drug store (ranging from US$5.99-9.99 per bag).
There is also an "Indian General Store" in the middle of the traditional "Little Italy" section of Pine Avenue.

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