Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali, part 2

More and more lights. And fireworks, so the air gets cloudy.
Rangoli to welcome Lakshmi, goddess of wealth.
Decorations would not be complete without flowers.
Our Punjabi neighbors have had parties every night for almost a week now -- complete with BBQ, seemingly unlimited fireworks, dinners every night, and even picnics on their lawn, where they eat, drink and play games. Last night the men played cards too. It is a big night for gambling as well.
Last year, Amartya was scared, but this year he kept wanting to buy more and more firecrackers.
Some of the smaller fireworks sales centers -- all the same "Standard" company though.

But even more than the food, and the colors, is the noise. Below I'm posting some video clips where you can't see much, but should get a sense of the noise all around.

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