Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back in Bangalore: Bananas

To show the contrast of last week with tulips in the Netherlands and Bangalore, I'll focus today on bananas (and soon, mangoes!). Above, a banana plantation in North Bangalore, just off Bellary Road.
New shoots.
The banana flower. You can buy these in the market to cook too.
You can see the flower at the bottom of the bunch of bananas.
Sticks are placed to support the weight of the banana-laden trees.
They grow upwards, just in case you've never seen them grow.
After they harvest the bananas, they chop down the tree, and start again. At a wholesaler. Just missing a shot at a retail store (although I've shown those in earlier posts, and of us eating some yummy bananas. Below are shots of the field when done.

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