Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bangalore Gets Made Up

In preparation for the Karnataka Global Investor's Meet being held today and tomorrow here in Bangalore, the city has been gussied up with new paint, new roads, lights hung all over (and power found, somehow, to light them), and signs galore.

First, the signs:Then the security cameras. Note that it is hard to find the stop light in this picture, probably the most useful piece of technology (not) in the pictures. Hint: it has a blur pole.

Then the sides of the road, painting the rocks where there is no formal border, or the border itself where this is one.
In some areas, new barriers were placed on the traffic medians too. Where will the people stop now as they dash across the highway? Note the new sod too.

Then there is the shoulder, or what should be the shoulder. I can't quite figure out what they are doing here, putting piles of white powder in piles on the side of the road, and then spreading it around. It is especially nice when it spills out into a lane of traffic.

Next the greenery in the median.

And of course you need lights everywhere, especially important when you have power cuts all the time.
The new asphalt on the roads, and the lines painted on it, could actually be useful if I thought the road would last longer than a few weeks.
Finally, the entry way for one of the sites of the accompanying parties, on the Palace Ground entrance that I have shown many times adorned for other occasions.
Tomorrow I'll go to the Investor's Meet itself, not sure if they'll let me take photos though.

Imagine if the money spent to doll up the place had been spent on schools and school books instead!

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