Friday, April 1, 2011

Trip to Amhedabad, part 1

Controversial Chief Minister Modi not-withstanding, Vibrant Gujurat, or at least its Ahmedabad variant, lived up to the moniker, although the broken globe was too much to resist. In the northwest of India, bordering on Pakistan, Gujurat is known for being the home of Mahatma Gandhi, colorful clothes, innovative policies, and a lively economy. Some beautiful buildings too. Below are shots of and around two beautiful mosques.

The loudspeakers are everywhere, on every type of religious building.
Amazing carving.

To wash your feet before entering.
Lots of street life of all sorts.

Celebrating Holi.
The McMansions being built off the Ring Road.
Celebrating Gujurat's accomplishments and culture ... I think ...
Nice mosaics on the grade separators and flyover walls present a strong contrast with Bangalore.
Ahmedabad is also the home of Mahatma Gandhi, so there are Gandhi-themed murals in several parts of the city.
And it is the home of IIM-A, where we stayed.

The car museum was a highlight of the trip for one member of our family.

The buildings housing the car museum.
For me, seeing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in action probably was one of the highlights. This system will get more detailed treatment in a future post.

One site we failed to get into this time, but hope to visit in the future, is the Calico Museum -- devoted to the history of cotton fabric. No children allowed, and reservations must be made in advance, with only small numbers allowed. Next time, maybe.

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