Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sunday in North Bangalore

A lovely, breezy Sunday here in North Bangalore. A nice day to take a walk and see the latest is in the struggle to connect roads and walking paths. What do we see: Lots of construction, bad roads, construction blocking the walk to the village, and water tankers. Here is a walk down the street, such as it is:
Big fancy house to the right, detail below. Also note the realty sign on the left, with detail provide below the big house.
This isn't to advertise, just to let folks know that this is the development that is blocking the link to the main road to the village and layout behind it.
Continuing the walk down the street, we can see the tea stall at the left amidst the construction.The informal sector like this provides needed services to all levels of the population, in this case security guards, drivers, and construction workers.
Next, we see the construction moving along on the right side, while the raw materials for the construction (and some of the construction workers) are on "street" on the left.

Then we encounter the problem. New construction for those seven luxury homes blocking the path to the village. So these woman who had been walking to go to the village encounter a wall and security guards.
The guards from other areas come out too as an argument ensues.
To the left, the big hole that precedes construction of those luxury homes.
Then the women give up and have to go around the long way.
On the road they pass by multiple water tanker trucks.

The water tanker filling up the tank.
Another one coming.
And street dogs, of course, omnipresent along with the water tankers.
A side street in the making. Yet another big fancy house at the end, with the workers' huts in front.

Back to the main road, with its mini-lakes showing how much it rained earlier.
Inside the gates, our lives are easy. Passionfruit is starting to emerge from the vines ....
And the kids play cricket ....
With the recycling woman with her bags of recyclables working hard.

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