Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do these buildings look real to you?

We spent the last few days at the Infosys Training center in Mysore at the India Urban Conference that was a great chance to meet fascinating people.  The site, like the conference itself, was large and sprawling. Here are some shots of some buildings that seemed, even right next to them, not to be quite real.
Looks like it could on top of a cake, don't you think?
The top of the facade seems a bit too abrupt for me.
A huge building.
Yes, this is India ... outside of Mysore.
Sorry there haven't been many posts lately, too busy doing other things. But I will try to post more in the upcoming several weeks and months, with writing along with more pictures, as I'm wrapping up my job at CSTEP and moving on to new adventures (but still in India, for a while).

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