Monday, August 18, 2008

The Star Spangled Banner - more Olympic news

We finally got to hear the Star Spangled Banner for a US gold medal. Not, as one might expect, for Phelps, but instead for the women's discus winner, with a Cuban in 2nd and a Ukrainian in 3rd. I didn't even know that the US was competitive in that sport, which seems to be dominated by husky Eastern Europeans. Amartya, who for some reason loves to hear the US national anthem, was VERY happy to have the opportunity to sing along. Maybe they'll show the ceremony for the men's hurdles now too, where the US finished 1-2-3. One can never predict.

The quirky coverage of the Games on Indian TV continues. We see endless reruns of the Indian gold medal winner, along with a "You are our pride" sign. My favorite today was the enthusiasm shown by the commentators for the 1st ever Gold from Panama, or as they keep repeating, Pam-AN-a. My attempts to watch the NBC coverage on the Web have failed, as they can tell I'm outside of the US, and I get a message saying that they only have the rights for the US. So instead I'm left with the IOC sponsored coverage on YouTube. Some of it is fine, but some of it purports to be Olympics and instead is something else, sometimes offensive. But I should be doing something else (like writing here) anyway.

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