Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trying to set up house

Here's the delivery truck with our fridge and washing machine. Not the big truck one would expect in the US, instead this is a little mini-vehicle like those you see on the back streets of Tokyo.

This is view out our new front door, with Amartya playing badminton in the street. A huge advantage of living in this place is the ability for him to play nearby. In addition, there are lots of kids in the neighborhood, two from his class within 5 houses from us.

This is the front view of our new place. Of course, in order to actually move many more things need to happen, all of which seem to take a long time to get settled -- water, electricity, phone connection, internet connection -- but we will likely move in by Monday or Tuesday. The complex in which we are living has backup power, a necessity here in Bangalore that regularly has power outages, but the switch is not working. Only one phone connection in our house is currently working, insufficient for our need to run our Internet connections as well. The water system has a purifier so that we don't need to boil it before drinking.

Here is a street scene from the night before Independence Day, when shops were lit up (many in orange, green, and white lights) in honor of India. More street shots to come.

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