Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Efficiency in India - a case study

Here's an article (in Portuguese) from the Brazilian magazine Exame about the dabbawallas of Mumbai, one of the great examples of Indian efficiency. These 5000 guys pick up and deliver hot lunches to 200,000 people working around the entire city of Mumbai, a huge metropolis. They are used as a case study at Harvard (and then, by extension, at other business schools around the world). I wonder if they are taught as a case here. There certainly is a lot to learn from them about succeeding in this chaotic and seriously resource-constrained environment.

One of the things I'm on the lookout for is any article about India in Latin America or anything about Latin America here. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as right now I have a hit or miss technique -- some browsing, some Google alerts, but a lot comes down to chance.

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