Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some pictures from around town

Amartya playing at school:

Here are some pictures from around town:
This is the wall of an overpass -- that I call the Argentine overpass because of the way that the wall is painted like the Argentine flag -- that is near the Bangalore Baptist Hospital on Bellary Road.
A broader image of the overpass. The banners flying above are BJP banners put up for a visit by party leaders last week. You can also see (although not very well) the TINY entry ways and tunnels for the cars. They are constructed as a single lane for cars, not big enough for a small truck. Where are the trucks or buses supposed to go?
Along one of the new highways we see lots of Reliance signs that are lit up at night (I wonder how?). They are everywhere. However, direction signage is much harder to find. Of course, even if there were good signage, you still might have folks making right turns from the furthermost left hand line I suppose.

Newly paved road. This happened overnight right before the BJP Leadership meeting here. This area is a bus stop, with a similar area on the other side of the highway, but no way for the people to get across safely.
In order to keep drivers from using the access roads, these new barriers are being placed along the road. Here the access road is actually is fairly good shape, and as broad as it is everywhere.

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