Thursday, February 19, 2009

The billboards of the Air Show

Finally, as promised, some of the billboards around the air show, led by those vying for all those billions of rupees, dollars, and euros of contracts. First, the Swedes. I guess if Saab files for bankruptcy these guys are separate?
The Russians and their MIGs have lots of fans here.
Then there are the Indian support firms. Under the offset rules, foreign providers need to buy a certain percentage (up to 30%) of local inputs and support goods and services. Bell apparently ended a contract because it couldn't find enough reliable supporters to meet their offset obligations.
Many ads for the show were plastered all over Bangalore, like on the sides of buses. I don't see why they really needed to advertise, as over 150,000 "normal" visitors on the Saturday that I attended.
Sponsors, as well as a tourist ad.
Last of all, good old Lockheed-Martin, present at the air show in full force. Falcons, Vipers, and Hornets. A sign of the times is seen on the side -- an empty billboard with the name and number of the owner/manager, a more and more common site around town these days.

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