Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visit to a primary school

A primary school located on the side of a slum, in the Jayamahal section of Bangalore. One half of the school teaches in Telegu, one half in Kannada. The school goes from pre-school (the largest sections) through 7th grade. This is the 5th through 7th grade classroom.
Exercise class led by one of my co-researchers, who usually teaches graduate students in the School of Management at Yale. You will see that not all of the students have the uniform, nor shoes. In some schools, that would force these children out of classes. Luckily here all these kids are in school instead of on the street. Under a government food program, they are each provided with a warm lunch, for which the government provides about 16-2o cents (4-5 rupees per student). This school has been adopted by a civil society organization that helps provide things like a computer, additional tutoring, and additional teachers.
A classroom, with lots of posters. You can barely see the students, seated on wooden planks a few inches off the floor all around the walls. The pix I took of them with their slates didn't come out, but I think you can get the idea of the school from these.
We're in South India, so there are more girls in class than one would likely see in the north.

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