Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lemonade stand

Amartya and Marton manning the stand.
A rite of passage: Amartya's first lemonade stand, co-run with his Hungarian friends. It has kept him occupied today, even if it meant that I squeezed lots of lemons/limes in the process.
The little brother is the advertising man. He stirred up lots of business by riding his bike around the complex and announcing the stand.
Sub checking in and making sure things are under control. Our car is under the silver tarp.


Bonnie Prince Charlie said...

I hope you're deducting the cost of the supplies (if not your labor) from his profit. He's got to learn about gross and net at some point.

Anonymous said...

we love it!! wish we were there!!

Tamás said...

That was exactly what we did. We deducted the cost of supplies and let them make up their minds on how they wanted to split the remaining amount. I think they handled it very well in the end.