Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mango Season!

Mango season started in late April, and will last through June. Many types, many forms of selling. Mangos get used in raw form for cooking and pickles, and the ripe ones get eaten or pureed into pulp and juice. We live near a mango grove located on the University of Agricultural Sciences campus (where Amartya also plays soccer). These are Alphonso mangos, the king (or queen) of mangos, many of which get packaged for export. Here they are still about 2-3 weeks short of being ready for consumption. Other varieties are out in full force.
The grove.
In front of a stall selling the Raspari variety.
Lots of mangos.
Here is a setup in a grocery store. You can see the Alphonsos (these shipped from Maharastra, one state north) in boxes, labelled "export quality," with three other kinds also seen here -- different sizes, colors, shapes, and slight differences in flavor and texture.
When we are in Niagara Falls we go visit apple and peach orchards, so here's Amartya in the mango grove. Below you see the mangos hanging from the tree. They are likely to be orange/yellowish when they get plucked.
There is a large wholesale market near our house, hopefully I'll post pictures of that sometime soon. There are trucks around, although the largest of them can't be on the road during the day.
Trucks transporting mangos. The men who load and unload travel on top of them.
Don't you wish you were here to eat some of these mangos?


Anonymous said...

dear amartya,
we like the pictures of you and the mangoes. our friend in miami sent us a box of mangoes this week, so we're both enjoying them this season.
see you soon,

Robin King said...

Wish we could bring you some!