Sunday, June 28, 2009

Land grabs blocking public roads in Jakkur

This is what the path to Jakkur village looked like last September 2008 (I think I even posted this picture before). Not lovely, but at least there is a passage for villagers to get to the main road.
The construction site decorated for Dassara.
The path to the village can be seen beyond the mango leaves to the left.
These huts were around the corner from the mango leave'd entrance to the construction. Slowly the building is going up, but now both the building and others (unknown at this point) have enclosed the space -- where there was a road once upon a time connecting the village with the main road. Here are the pictures of the scene today:
Some women scaling the wall nearby to try to get to their village (you can see them in the middle in pink and green saris):
The well remains in the far corner of the plot, but the path to the village has been shut off by the corregated metal fence. You can see where the path used to be where the brick wall ends.These women were trying to get back to the village. Sub intervened with the security guard (generally from the North, so Hindi-speakers) to open the locked "secret door" to make their return home easier.
The guard finally unlocked the door for them.
Tomorrow in the office I need to check the Master Plan and see if this space is supposed to be a public road (which I believe it is). If it is not, it should be, as the villages that are being consumed by Bangalore's growth get locked in, people are cut off from walking and easier access to public transportation, and space that should be public gets taken over (not even privatized, just stolen).

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