Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scenes from Brazil

Nothing for quite a while as I traveled to Brazil, and am only now getting over jet lag. I'll write about Curitiba, Rio, and comparisons between India and Brazil, but now I'll do the lazy thing and just post some photos so there is something here.

The view from one side of the hotel in Rio -- breathtaking beach with SugarLoaf in the background.
The other side -- a favela.
The luggage line for the flight to Angola from the Sao Paulo airport. Lots of purchases.

My first stop in Brazil was Curitiba. Great public transportation.
The bus rapid transit system with the tubes where you pay, converting the system into a "metro on the surface."
Recycling bins, available in many many places around the city.
The Planning Institute, where I spent a morning.
The grounds of the IPPUC, the planning institute.
Brazilian juxtaposition of Petrobras and McDonalds.
The longer articulated buses used on major routes.
Lovely tiled sidewalks, with the special ridges for the visually impaired.
The view from my hotel window. Looks like a large city, no? However, its population is about a third of Bangalore's.

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