Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Winter Olympics news

I'm not sure we'll be able to see much of the upcoming Vancouver Olympics here, but I certainly will try to follow them. One piece of news the cheered me up amidst the depressing world around us is that Johnny Weir, an amazing if odd figure skater, is likely to make the US team. When he is on, there is no one who makes it look so good, and is so wonderful to watch. So, please enjoy his performance for me, as I'm not optimistic about my ability to watch it here. Watching the last summer Olympics from here was quite frustrating (and the subject of one of my first blog posts I think), as the Web coverage available on the US wasn't allowed to me because of my Indian IP address. Oh well.

Another thing that made me feel a little better was to read that so many winter athletes have exercise induced asthma, like I do. This article in the NYTimes talked about how it is probably the dry air, not the cold air, that causes the problem. I agree, it's that cold blast of dry air at the rink that causes the problem, not the moist, equally cold air outside when it's snowing -- at least for me.

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