Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding in the Family, part 1

A combination North and South Indian wedding. First, the sangeet, with the groom arriving on a horse.
Fireworks and a band.
Family members get into the act.
The bride shows off her mehendi. I think I have pictures of Sukrutha (the beautiful bride) showing off her mehendi now over the course of many family weddings, more than 10 years.
Never this elaborate though.
The next day, the South Indian wedding has some games at the beginning -- with the bride and groom hoisted on shoulders, and trying to place garlands on each other.
After the garlands are placed, they sit on a swing, and receive blessings from relatives.
After the dramatically shortened South Indian ceremony, the bride is whisked away to be prepared for the North Indian ceremony. Different clothes and jewelry, of course.
Meanwhile, everyone else justs sit around, looking beautiful in gorgeous silks, surrounded by garlands decorating everything.
More on the North Indian wedding, and the reception, food, and songs from the Sangeet, to come ....

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admin said...

Hey Robin, I really enjoyed this post. looking forward to your comments about the northern style wedding.