Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday Outing

These two pictures of a corner in Bangalore reflect a good slice of the Indian economy today. A cyber cafe. Citibank. A caterer. A travel agency, with international accreditations. Western Union. Other small shops. A traditional wood furniture makers, displaying their wares on the street to entice customers.
Muslim shops open, Hindu-run shops probably closed because of the holiday. Then, of course, Mayawati's 55th birthday, so we need signs in Bangalore for her too.

She clearly has hopes beyond UP. Now to Bangalore ....

I get very few opportunities just to explore, but Saturday I needed to run an errand on Commercial Street, an old fashioned market area, so I took advantage of the opportunity to to wander a bit around the neighborhood. Here is a bit of the flavor of the place. The main street has a lot of alleys and streets offshooting it and around it with every kind of shop imaginable.

This is a natural pedestrian only area, but unfortunately cars are allowed. As this Saturday was a holiday, there was less traffic, and fewer people that often. Traffic police were active carting away illegally parked motorcycles (or two-wheelers, as they are known here).
This was the first time I saw the traffic police in action like this. As they were leaving, others were asking them to return to move other vehicles.

A store that dyes fabric.
Embroidery work.
The friendly hijiras.
Christmas decorations still, along with a help wanted sign.
A sign nearby.
Confusing -- American, UK, Euro. The important thing is that it is foreign. But it does point to the huge demand for education that is not being met.

Some construction.
The circus.
Ads ... must have Rahul's picture there to link it to politics (and patronage).
Proliferation of signs and posters.
Furniture stores along Infantry Road.
Driving back home -- a road that was widened retaining the trees.

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