Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dussehra decorations and celebrations

A break from the financial crisis (contagion from Iceland to the UK, WOW!) for some pix of more traditional India.
Ten days of holidays -- nine of Navatri, and then the 10th is Dessehra (written many other ways as well), celebrating the victory of good over evil. Of course it's more complicated than that, but I keep getting lost in the details, and regional variations. For Dessehra here in Karnataka, folks decorate their houses, and their offices, and instruments of work.

I wonder if the driver can see?
This is where the security guards and cleaning folks at work are based.
A fruit stand. You can see the banana leaves on the sides, mango leaves hanging, and flowers.Banana leaves on the construction equipment during a rare, rare day of rest.You can't forget about the milk cartons. Note the broken pumpkin with that vermillion powder on it. In Bengal, where they celebrate Durga Puja, they throw this red powder at each other today too.Personal cars are decorated, and you can't forget your scooters or bikes!
The Hanuman temple on the main square in Jakkur village, decorated for the day.

An elaborated decorated tractor, pulling a display honoring Bhuveneshwar and Chamundieshwari (according to Sub), in Jakkur. Then there was an expected treat: drumming bands. Here are pictures of two, the first more informal, the second with their special clothes.
Coordinating and planning for the next piece. Taking a break to watch the other group across the village square/plaza/green (whatever your frame of reference).
Getting ready to march to the temple, followed by the decorated tractor with idols in the background. (I can't figure out why the underlining is appearing here. Sorry.)And for something new: a short video clip (although wobbly) of one of these groups.

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