Saturday, October 11, 2008

Political signage

One of the most impressive things in India is the number and size of political signage everywhere. Here are some shots from around town, mainly welcoming some Congress leaders (see the big pix of Rahul Gandhi ( Indira's grandson and son of Sonia and Rajiv) for proof of the Indian legacy effect). The picture above shows some of the good wishes signs that also are common -- for major holidays, birthdays, all kinds of things. Note that both Hindus and Muslims are included in this sign.

The one below is noteworthy because of the terms used.
Here we see the little flags that line the major roads.

Putting it in perspective with Rahul and the IPhone

I have to wonder: how much does this all cost? The little banners line all the streets, and the huge billboards are everywhere too, with mid-size signs tied to every available post as well. I keep thinking it'd be better to buy pencils, paper, and books for schools. I guess I am out of touch with politics.

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