Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second day of Diwali

This is the Esteem Mall (can you imagine a mall with that name in the US?) decked out for Diwali. Unlike Christmas, where the preparations start months in advance, the Diwali decorations only went up at the end of last week.

These are decorations at some of the houses in our complex. Different styles reflect differences in regions and the way (and even the day) they celebrate. Five days, or three days, or one day, and probably every day in between -- although an odd number, especially a prime number, has special significance. Those of you who want more information can find it in many places, like "" Here we are celebrating it for three days. The Tamilians celebrated on the first day, the Northerners celebrated on the second day, and here in Karnataka they celebrate mainly on the second day, with some spillover to the third day. Given the boom in economic growth here, and the attraction of folks from all over India (and indeed, the world), there have been pockets of celebrations for each of the days.

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