Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot and lazy Sunday afternoon

While Washington is gearing up for the big health care vote -- please, pass it, it isn't perfect but we need to start somewhere and take what we can get while continuing to push for better -- we are coming to close of a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon. Summer is close to arriving, with its tremendous heat, even in supposedly temperate Bangalore, but also with mangos! For now though, there are trees and flowers all over the city bursting with even more color than usual -- and this is still is a garden city. A tree from Brazil with yellow flowers whose name I can't remember right not, and purple jacarandas like you see in Mexico are everywhere. Here are some shots of these flowers:

With papayas as a bonus.
Something like morning glory.
Passion fruit climbers.
More passionfruit growing over the parking area, helping it stay cool.
Combined with bouganvillea.
The yellow tree downtown by the cricket stadium.
Some other kinds of flowering tree.

Now onto more substance. Today's New York Times has a great and provocative article by Michiko Kakutani entitled "Texts Without Context" about how the internet and mash-up culture is changing how we read, and what we value. I found it disturbing, but/because it strikes at truths about how we do research, read (or skim), and seek out what to read or not.

Continuing on the depressing line, here are some shots contrasting the inside streets of our complex with the street immediately outside it.
Inside:The flowers with the solar water heater are a classic rich Bangalore shot.

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