Thursday, March 25, 2010

Violence in Niagara Falls - random? targeted?

I was planning on writing about elections Indian style as Bangalore prepares to go to the polls on Sunday, but I just found out about some disturbing news. I had seen references to Democratic legislators' offices being vandalized in Arizona and Kansas over the weekend, but just found out that one of the additional sites was in Niagara Falls. In addition to a window being smashed, Rep. Slaughter has received threats about snipers. Her office is on Pine Avenue, near the City Market. The Buffalo News has a good article with details, while the Washington Post puts it in national context. Seems like a bunch of Dems that voted in favor of Obama's health care reform have been targeted by someone -- an Alabama Militia member -- who writes a blog and has encouraged his readers to take action.

Listening to the debate itself was distressing, as the level of vitriol was disturbing, but this is even worse. The US political system really does need a hard reboot. (Can you tell I'm hanging out with techies?)

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