Saturday, March 13, 2010

A visit to the future CSTEP campus

A field trip to the land in North Bangalore where the future CSTEP campus will be built.
Assessing the land with the architect and his assistant in one of the few shady spots.
The road separating the two pieces of land. The area on the right with the euculyptus trees (or however that should be written) is the land for the guest house. Some of the land will be lost to road widening, which hopefully will happen before we start building, rather than after.
The border with the land where TIFR (The Tata Institute for Fundamental Research) will also build a new campus.
Walking over the land.
Currently, the sheep graze, as do cows from time to time. I don't know, I was surprised to see the woman watching her sheep protecting herself from the sun with an umbrella.
Someone has been stealing some of the ground for brick making, so there is a big hole in the ground near the road.
Another view of the land, looking south.

Hard to imagine what it will look like in a few years. It seems so desolate, in the middle of nowhere right now.

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