Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Indian Christian wedding

I had the honor of attending an Indian Christian wedding here in Bangalore last week. The experience was quite different that the weddings I had attended here. Here is the couple ready to walk down the aisle, together.
The ceremony and reception were a mixture of traditional Indian Hindu traditions -- the red sari, tying the thali knot on a necklace as a symbol of marriage, exchange of garlands of flowers -- while some are very Christian -- the wedding mass, signs of the cross while greeting the couple, exchange of rings, the white veil. Here is a video of part of the mass.

Perhaps the biggest difference from the weddings I have attended though, was at the reception. There was still the receiving line, flowers for hair of everyone that wanted them, the dry red kumkum powder for the dot, and great food, but there were meat options as well as veg, and wet yellow (turmeric and sandalwood), and lively music (complete with break dancing).Here's a video, so you can see the stage, the musicians (although not the break dancing that followed), some of the guests, and the welcome table with flowers and other treats:

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