Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nandi Hills

Great excursion to Nandi Hills, a hill station just a bit north of Bangalore. The big Hill itself, the rocks and rock formations, and the temples on top of it were quite impressive. Seeing a temple that was built under the Cholas 400 hundred years ago -- so cool, solid, and still standing -- contrasts greatly with much of the modern architecture that requires AC, and seems so shoddily built, that one wonders what progress really means.

View from the bottom:

This was Tipu Sultan's Lodge:
With some nice views:The view from the top.

More proof the post office in India is everywhere:Some of the best signage I've seen in India:

Monkeys everywhere. Unfortunately, taps that were leaking were common too.A temple built into the side of the mountain, with bright buildings nearby.
Some wide and fairly well-constructed stairs for going up and down the mountain to the temple.
One of the water tanks near the top of the mountain.
Boys on the top!

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