Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween surprise

I didn't realize that Halloween would be such a big thing here, although it highlights to odd mix of customs from all over, and the links to the US in this sliver or society. Many of the children in this complex are US citizens, born in the US when their Indian born parents were studying and/or working there. Indeed their time in the US allowed them to generate the funds required to buy houses like those here. All kinds of kids came -- small and big, costumed and in their jeans and t-shirts -- and I went through 70 pieces of candy before I turned out the lights and went out walking since I had run out!

Kids trick or treating. The lights are still up because it was Diwali earlier this week.
Improvization on the costume front. A friendly spaceman. Truly scary -- a new road, with poor worksmanship. More on construction to come.

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