Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our post office

Here are some shots of the Yelahanka post office. We went in search of packages sent from the US, probably lost forever.

I have never seen anyone put a letter in the post-box, or as Amartya calls them, "the sending machines".
Details of services offered as specific times. Very confusing, and from my experience, not binding.
A customer availing of postal service.
In India, as in many other places in Asia, the postal office also serves as a bank or quasi-bank.
Here is a list of the investment options available.
Here are the workers sorting mail. Yes, this is Bangalore, one of the hi-tech capitals of the world, with not a machine in sight. Hi tech: the plastic bin. Unfortunately, snail mail doesn't seem to be a viable option for foreign mail, so please stick to email while we are here.
Something positive: postmen with their delivery vehicles -- bicycles.
The fleet of service vehicles. Now THIS is something we should think about copying.

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