Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pre-holiday shopping -- silk, bracelets, bags, slippers

A silk shop.
We ran into these Ecuadoran military officers taking a shopping break from their training here in India.
A kurti that is not too over the top.
In a few more colors.
Silk pieces.
Here are some shots of the factory where these silks were made.
A fancy sari store in a fancy mall. Note how the models all seem to be blond, definitely the typical sari-wearer.
Another blond mannequin.Now, let's change products. First, some bags.

Now onto jewelry, at the Cauvery Emporium

Below are some shots from the Forum mall, one of the larger and more upscale places. So many people. First, a Divali decoration (firecrackers) in front of the McDonalds.
An ad outside a department store.
The juxtaposition of two ads (and two Indias?) on the escalators -- one for a fancy sari store, the other for a complexion cream to help you get and stay "fair". I guess it is the flip side of the tanning lotions in the West.
A shot of the crowd.

Some slippers.

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Jax said...

These photos were wonderful! One thing that always strikes me is how dimly lit many factories in Asia are - at least the ones I've seen in Indonesia. Your photos suggest that in India it seems to be the same.