Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kerala - Politics, mainly

Kerala is impressive in many ways -- peaceful coexistence of Hindus, Muslims, Jews (okay, so there aren't so many of these anymore), Christians, and others; close to universal literacy, including girls, no mean feat in a country with tremendous illiteracy; few slums; and one of the first, if not the first, elected Marxist governments. I saw more government hospitals in three days than I have seen in my half year here in Bangalore. People were very friendly and helpful.

Here are some shots of politically oriented posters, signs, and flags in Fort Cochin and on the way to Aleppy.
Che is still quite popular here.Lots of political signage everywhere.Near a beach on Vypin Island.

A political meeting.

Your average hammer and sickle combination wash spot and "boat stop" along the backwaters.Political graffiti in Fort Cochin.
The Maoists are big here.
But the ghost of Indira Gandhi looms large everywhere, even here in Communist country.
Lest we think that communism means dull utilitarian life, here are shots of some of the more materialist side of life. There were ads for jewelry everywhere. But also for schools.
And everyone needs their BMW.

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