Saturday, April 4, 2009

trip to ice cream factory

A trip to the Fresh and Natural Ice Cream Factory.
I went with Amartya's class to visit an ice cream factory. Quite clean. Everyone, including visitors, used hair nets. The windows had screens, and things were clean. It was a small scale factory, capable of producing 300 litres a day with one shift, yet it ships to five states in India.
Heating the milk.
Putting the chocolate chips into a sugar mixture which will then be added to the milk/cream mixture.
Checking on the churned ice cream to see if it is ready.
The production area. I'm missing pictures of the final stage that we all enjoyed -- eating an ice cream cone with a scoop of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

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Dahlia said...


Nice post and pictures! My kids would love to visit this icecream making tour. Can you please share their address and contact information.Thanks!