Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some political signage

The general election underway in a long, long process here in India must be more colorful and active in other parts of India, but it seems fairly low key here. Here are some political signs from around Bangalore as well as a few from Tamil Nadu.
Here in Bangalore, on the street. There are lots of "beloved leaders" around.
In Tamil Nadu. Here note that the candidate's BTech from London is noted on the sign, and in English. You also see the swastika, used in decorations frequently, as an ancient symbol and with no connection to its use by the Nazis.
The beloved leader with sunglasses is a common look for politicians in South India.
This one looks like a big campaign pin.Below is not a sign, but the back of a jeep that was serving as a campaign vehicle in the countryside of Andra Pradesh, when we drove to Chennai. I didn't get the snap fast enough for the whole car, but you can see one Congress sign and the loudspeaker on the top.

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