Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yummy sweets from Chennai

These are some shots from Grand Sweets, quite an institution in the Adyar section of Chennai. It has always been packed with people whenever I've gone (almost every trip there, so many times). I take the high quality snacks for granted, but really appreciate (even more now that we are living here) the organization of the place: seats while you wait for them to prepare your order, a hand wash station, knowledgeable and pleasant staff (especially important for me in terms of allergy info). I used to think that it was crowded because I went on or near festival days, but now that I've gone on "normal" days too, I see that high quantity is part of its charm.
It is clean, there is constant high so you can be assured the products are fresh, and there are both sweet and savory snacks.
It is perhaps the only place outside of a medical or dental office where I have seen chairs remain in order, and so many provided. To the left is the hot snack area, convenient when you are waiting for your package to be prepared. It is still India, so it might take a while, but it is quite efficient compared to most commercial locales. Checking out at the grocery store, for example, might be quick, but more often takes a v-e-r-y long time.
These are the women working at hot food stall.Compressed banana leaf plates. I have to think this is a great product for India and other tropical countries (the Caribbean, for example) to get into on a large scale. Environmentally sustainable, use a "waste" product, biodegradable, etc.On the far right is the advance order and shipment office. Also some religious thing that I don't understand.
The place to wash your hands after you eat. Every eatery has one.

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